We woke up at 7 and went for breakfast with Laura (from the boat, so fun to meet again!) and while eating we overheard a few germans talking about Cotopaxi so we teamed up and went by ourselves instead of booking an expensive tour. We caught the bus north and by the entrance of the park we negotiated with a tour guide and got the price down to $12 since there were 6 of us. We saw wild horses and a fox and a rabbit, and just as we were closing in on the glacier (which is as high as you are allowed to go atm because of an explosion (meaning only gas and smoke, no lava - that is an eruption as we learnt today) that occurred in 2015) the sun decided to show up and the peak emerged from the clouds and we just went crazy, took a hundred pictures and jumped of joy (only for a moment though, not a lot of oxygen on 4800 m) before heading to the hut for the very anticipated hot chocolate.

Apparently on the 21th of March the sun is lined up perfectly with the equator, it is called the equinox and led to us having absolutely no shadows up there since we are so close to the equator and we got up there around noon (here mostly trying to explain the wierd pictures of my feet and Stina with the GoPro above her head like some kind of idiot). Also I tried to get our crew to pose casually but this was more MI than Tom Cruise himself. The photos turned out brilliant anyways though. We even remembered to ues the disposable camera while (sort of) still on the mountain so we are proud of ourselves.

I love travelling so much. I love to make new friends in the morning, hike a volcano together and then in the afternoon sit cramped up all six of us in one 4x4 because of the rain, laughing our asses off. Life is so easy sometimes and I really have to enjoy this while it lasts.