Last night was a blast! Two days ago we moved to an awesome apartment in the middle of Poblado with the boys, Andrew showed up yesterday too so now we have a full house. After finishing the walking tour around the city we crashed for a few hours and went to the store to stack up on rum. Then we had some pizza from the restaurant next door and played drinking games with a couple of locals before hitting the club street. Today has been lazy, just hanging out in the apartment, eating fresh fruit and fully utilizing the facilities by washing some clothes. Stina has been busy stitching up the holes in her pants. I went through some of the pictures from the last days and I was just struck by how colourful Colombia is! Such a happy brightness to all the pictures it just makes me smile. Sweden seems dull in comparison. I found a store in Guatape with about a million cool earrings in every colour, tried hard to satisfy my shopping need with just taking a picture of them but ended up buying a pair after all. Trying to collect earrings from every country, I have missed a few (some by choice, some by accident due to horribly bad memory) so it was fun to get a pair from our first country in South America. 

We are looking forward to tomorrows adventure, will not give away the details but hopefully we will have some cool pictures from Stinas gopro to share afterwards.